Sobre Nos

Sisters together FOREVER…


Hi! My name is Leticia. I love my sisters and can’t hang out with them enough. I love to hike, read, eat pan and watch reality TV with my sisters. My proudest accomplishments are those of being a big sister and auntie. My ultimate comfort movie is Pride and Prejudice and my ultimate comfort food is cereal. I binge on podcasts where I love to learn about personal finance, happiness and business. I dream of working for myself while living in my hometown where my own little family will grow alongside my brother and sisters. My word for 2016 is FUN. I need more of it in my life so I want to go to sleep thinking about my fun day and wake up in the morning thinking about how fun my day will be. Leti

Hola Amigos my name is Irene but you can call me Nene. I’m truly excited to share the many crazy, weird, funny and interesting thoughts, ideas, and knowledge I have in this brain of mine:) I love my sisters very much and sharing this blog with them is even more exciting. We’re having a little trouble starting this blog since we are new to this and our creative side is scared of not being creative enough but be patient with us because I promise you this is going to be amazing! Ok gotta go my almost 8 months old is sliding off my arms…. Oh and before I forget my sister Leti asked to pick a word that would best describe the year or something like that, my word for 2016 is DISCOVERY. Discovering motherhood, blogging, career path, new eating habits and everything in between. Ok really gotta go my little one is not having it, oh motherhood, hahaha. Hasta luego amigos! – Nene

 Hello there, I am Aurelia. I love mountains, cold fresh weather, rivers, eating, reading the news and my family. I am my worst critic, so hopefully this blog will help me work through this issue. My word for this year is CLARITY. Not just mental and emotional clarity, but clarity in my professional intentions would be pretty great too. Cheers!  Bella



We are 3 hermanas looking for a place to serve as our creative outlet for our minds to wander.  A place we did not have growing up that will keep us connected constantly – sharing stories, experiences and opinions.

chisme y pan.jpg

The name Chisme y Pan basically describes our family’s favorite thing to do and eat when together. So join us, get some pan and breeze through our pages and posts.

We will most likely not post daily, perhaps a couple times a week.  Bare with us as we try our hands on this new project.