Be Boss. Of your work and life.


We’ve all had really bad managers at one workplace or another. They may have micromanaged you, gave you meaningless tasks, were mean, disrespectful or complete a**holes. They may have denied you an annual merit increase with no warning or valid reason. They piled you with work while they went home early or had a two hour lunch. We’ve worked for these people. They had control over our hours, workload, pay and future at the company. We gave them all this control for a paycheck.

I say, you be boss now.

Be the boss of your work and your life. Be the best boss ever. You are your own treasured, gifted employee who deserves a good paycheck, flexibility, benefits, learning opportunities, lots of vacation, awesome friends, a healthy and loving relationship, and opportunities to maximize your potential. You are the boss whether you work for a company or you work for yourself. You are the boss of your life!

You have the control and ability to create your own lifestyle. Harness that control. You choose who will be your friends, what kind of love life you will have, the job, the adventures, the learning, your eating habits, exercise regiment, everything. This is all under your control. If you haven’t realized that yet, take a moment to think about it. You can change all of these things or you can change nothing. You decide. This is your life. You make the rules.

I am almost 30 and just now getting that I am my own boss and that I need to be my own awesome boss. No one else will work as hard as me to make me happy, to have a growing income, make and keep great friends, have an awesome partner, make sure I have a roof over my head and be healthy. I manage my personal finances, love life, time with family, relationships and learning. I will no longer depend on my direct supervisor or  job to make me feel fulfilled at work. I choose my job and income. I choose where I live. I choose if I exercise and eat healthy. I choose my relationships and their quality.

It’s time you Be Boss of your life.

You are definitely your own boss when you’re self employed but you can also be Boss when you working for a company. Choose your next job very carefully. Does this job fit into YOUR plans? Do the hours, pay, location, benefits, management play into how you want to live your life?

Make time for the hobbies you like, for the friends who inspire you and the people who love you. Fill your life with actions, people and events that make you happy.

Be Boss of your life. Manage it well. It’s the only one you get.




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