Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest most difficult thing for me to do. I make every excuse in the book so I don’t start, I’m seriously the queen of excuses, especially when it comes to myself. I love caring for others, no this is not an excuse. I don’t put myself first because I want others to feel and do amazing. I’m not saying I’m not worth it but for some reason I find it a lot harder to do things for myself, hence, getting started is out of the question. Laziness is also a reason for not getting started. Just thinking about the time I have to put in, in order to accomplish what I want to do and where I want to be in life sounds like a lot of work. Even this blog is taking a backseat because of my laziness but I made a promise to myself and my sisters. I entered this project so it would encourage me to get started. So my solution for now is baby steps; starting with this blog. Look! I did it, my first official post done! I deserve some pan! –Nene


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