F-U Money

I saved up $10,000 in emergency funds sitting in a checkings account before I quit my miserable job at a county organization. I saved over $20,000 before I left my other really miserable job at a super bureaucratic museum where management had become more antiquated than their collections. Having money saved and put to the side for a rainy day liberates you when work is making everyday awful. I did not it know it then, but I had been building FU funds since I started working after graduating from college. I did not mean to use these funds this way or use them to make a statement but when the job began to make me feel miserable, left me unsatisfied, all while learning really bad habits…these funds became my hero.

The first time I left my job with the support of my F-U Money was back in 2012. I had no plan when I quit. While I was not working, I mostly laid back, took mini vacations, volunteered for non-profit organizations, spent a lot of time with family, read a lot and hiked plenty. I was so happy. I paid extremely low rent and lived close to the beach and my family. I used up my funds pretty quickly with all my traveling but I found a new job before I went to zero.

I campaign that all people create their F-U fund. The F-U fund is not meant to support you while not working for the rest of your life. The F-U fund is supposed to financially support you when you are at a job that you no longer like, almost hate and you need to get out. When you have a miserable job, you are pretty much living with someone who has grown to be toxic or abusive and you need to get out.



My Future

I’ve been seeing my future a lot lately. It’s such a comforting beautiful thought. I see my husband, my children, our dream home and our careers all blossoming.

What I’m not thinking about is all the hard work were gonna have to put in in order to reach our dreams. Thinking about that just ruins everything, hahaha.

I see holidays spent at my country chic home with bolillo and Abuelita hot chocolate every morning during the holiday season, who am I kidding I see that happening everyday;) My children running across the property with our 2 or maybe 4 dogs. I see my mom every morning, cause she’ll be living in my guess home:) My sisters and I cooking and baking in my beautiful kitchen stuffing our faces, then heading over to my big comfy couches cuddling watching reality TV and cat napping:)

Yep my future is pretty perfect. For now I’ll just enjoy what I have, cause it’s pretty damn close to my perfect future. -Nene



My period and I have always had a volatile relationship. Sometimes it visits with no warning sign, other times it sends painful bloaty messages it’s coming. It is no joyride this I understand, but I have grown to appreciate it or better yet, respect it. I think before I was almost ashamed of it if not, completely embarrassed when I was on my period. As if it were a bad thing my body was doing. Granted, I know the pain it causes can physically feel horrible not to mention the emotional whirlwinds, which I am not disputing. I at times get such painful cramps I am rocking myself on the floor trying to open a bottle of ibuprofen and taking 3 to 4 of those suckers (sometimes it doesn’t help). And yes, my emotions are heightened, cravings take over me, solitude becomes my best friend and the possibility of staining my pants adds fear to my day.                                                                                                                                                                     But, sometimes I feel like we are so intensely conditioned to think it such a horrible thing that we feel even worse about the situation and ourselves. As of late I have tried, key word being tried, to think of my period in a different light. Instead of damning my period, I am trying to purely accept it as a badge of badassery. I am using it to boost my self-confidence and esteem. For instance, at work I find myself at times presenting to a rather non-engaged or disruptive audience which is already quite difficult all while horribly cramping and leaking. Shit, I think that’s rather fucken impressive. I bleed every month and don’t die. I have the ability to create and house a human life inside of me. Why should I feel shame if people, especially men, know this is happening to me? Why should I feel the need to hide my pad or tampon when walking to the restroom at work or in public? We have periods. We bleed. We feel horrible pain and discomfort yet we still get our shit done. I believe our periods are just another reason we women are fucken amazing. Affirmations such as these is what I have been filling my head with this week, they don’t necessarily cure my pain or discomfort but they do make me feel pretty badass.   – Bella

The Making of Hermanas (sisters)

Nene 2010-2011 001(sisters and nephew sleeping in one room while visiting family during Christmas)

I have four sisters. Maria, Laura, Irene and Aurelia. They are the loves of my life. They are all crazy, beautiful women.

The dynamics of our relationships as sisters have evolved over the years. These relationships have undergone really bad times and really good times. I feel like we are in a good place right now. By good place, I mean we are not fighting ALL the time. There are sixteen different relationships among these sisters. Each sister of ours is on this earth with four other women who came from the same people, who know you really well. Who know your strengths and weaknesses. Who you spent your childhood and adolescence with. Isn’t that crazy? Having a sister comes with all tons of joyful memories as well as life-long potential rival.

Even though we all grew up in the same household, it’s very important to note that we all grew up and were raised differently. These differences are in part due to the number of siblings younger than you, the household financial situation, your parents’ everchanging parenting style.

Growing up in a house of 5 sisters who are completely different from each other brings plenty of rivalry, betrayal and covering up. It’s just like a novela. Some days are really fun and we’re building a great tree house and planting beans in the sandbox. Other days, you’re watching your back because one sister has sworn revenge after you outed her that school progress report just came out. With all the bitchiness and craziness that happens as you grow up, I’d like to think that some of this stuff balances out when you grow up. As you grow, you also realize that your siblings were all raised very differently. You start to recognize their personal struggles and their own sufferings.

In our family, at this moment, with the middle girl being 29, it seems like the rivalries have calmed down. We still complain about how lazy and bitchy the other sister can be. Things will never be perfect. My family has gone through very traumatic events which could have easily broken up apart. Easily. Instead, we have chosen to love each other unconditionally to heal the pain. Our focus is each other and moving forward.