My period and I have always had a volatile relationship. Sometimes it visits with no warning sign, other times it sends painful bloaty messages it’s coming. It is no joyride this I understand, but I have grown to appreciate it or better yet, respect it. I think before I was almost ashamed of it if not, completely embarrassed when I was on my period. As if it were a bad thing my body was doing. Granted, I know the pain it causes can physically feel horrible not to mention the emotional whirlwinds, which I am not disputing. I at times get such painful cramps I am rocking myself on the floor trying to open a bottle of ibuprofen and taking 3 to 4 of those suckers (sometimes it doesn’t help). And yes, my emotions are heightened, cravings take over me, solitude becomes my best friend and the possibility of staining my pants adds fear to my day.                                                                                                                                                                     But, sometimes I feel like we are so intensely conditioned to think it such a horrible thing that we feel even worse about the situation and ourselves. As of late I have tried, key word being tried, to think of my period in a different light. Instead of damning my period, I am trying to purely accept it as a badge of badassery. I am using it to boost my self-confidence and esteem. For instance, at work I find myself at times presenting to a rather non-engaged or disruptive audience which is already quite difficult all while horribly cramping and leaking. Shit, I think that’s rather fucken impressive. I bleed every month and don’t die. I have the ability to create and house a human life inside of me. Why should I feel shame if people, especially men, know this is happening to me? Why should I feel the need to hide my pad or tampon when walking to the restroom at work or in public? We have periods. We bleed. We feel horrible pain and discomfort yet we still get our shit done. I believe our periods are just another reason we women are fucken amazing. Affirmations such as these is what I have been filling my head with this week, they don’t necessarily cure my pain or discomfort but they do make me feel pretty badass.   – Bella


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