My Future

I’ve been seeing my future a lot lately. It’s such a comforting beautiful thought. I see my husband, my children, our dream home and our careers all blossoming.

What I’m not thinking about is all the hard work were gonna have to put in in order to reach our dreams. Thinking about that just ruins everything, hahaha.

I see holidays spent at my country chic home with bolillo and Abuelita hot chocolate every morning during the holiday season, who am I kidding I see that happening everyday;) My children running across the property with our 2 or maybe 4 dogs. I see my mom every morning, cause she’ll be living in my guess home:) My sisters and I cooking and baking in my beautiful kitchen stuffing our faces, then heading over to my big comfy couches cuddling watching reality TV and cat napping:)

Yep my future is pretty perfect. For now I’ll just enjoy what I have, cause it’s pretty damn close to my perfect future. -Nene

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