F-U Money

I saved up $10,000 in emergency funds sitting in a checkings account before I quit my miserable job at a county organization. I saved over $20,000 before I left my other really miserable job at a super bureaucratic museum where management had become more antiquated than their collections. Having money saved and put to the side for a rainy day liberates you when work is making everyday awful. I did not it know it then, but I had been building FU funds since I started working after graduating from college. I did not mean to use these funds this way or use them to make a statement but when the job began to make me feel miserable, left me unsatisfied, all while learning really bad habits…these funds became my hero.

The first time I left my job with the support of my F-U Money was back in 2012. I had no plan when I quit. While I was not working, I mostly laid back, took mini vacations, volunteered for non-profit organizations, spent a lot of time with family, read a lot and hiked plenty. I was so happy. I paid extremely low rent and lived close to the beach and my family. I used up my funds pretty quickly with all my traveling but I found a new job before I went to zero.

I campaign that all people create their F-U fund. The F-U fund is not meant to support you while not working for the rest of your life. The F-U fund is supposed to financially support you when you are at a job that you no longer like, almost hate and you need to get out. When you have a miserable job, you are pretty much living with someone who has grown to be toxic or abusive and you need to get out.



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