Dear Eleanor…

Happy Birthday Eleanor! It’s been exactly two weeks since you’ve turned ONE and I’ve been meaning to write you this letter.

Eleanor  Rose, Birthday Breakfast 


Dear Eleanor,

It’s been a year sweetheart and honestly I’m so proud of us both. We survived it, hahaha. I’ve grown to love and appreciate you more and more everyday. Watching you discover everything for the first time has been the funniest, from trying your first foods to learning to wave hi and bye. Your crankiness not so much but everything else about you makes up for that. You’ve made me realize a lot about myself. I was a selfish person before I had you, oh and also my patience isn’t as great as I thought it was but it is getting better. Well it was then I got knocked up with your baby brother, your poor father. I’m also very protective of you which I know you won’t be happy about later but honestly it’s a mothers instinct. You’ll understand it when you have children.

I see you everyday and I still can’t believe you’ve gotten so big, honestly I don’t know how you went from 7.8lbs to 20lbs, it’s just so crazy. I am excited to watch you grow but honestly take your time Lenny, I want to cherish every minute I have with you because I know it’s all going to fly by. You still haven’t started walking, no rush cause once you start you won’t be seen as a baby anymore. Though, in my eyes you will always be my baby.

I love you Eleanor and thank you for making me a mother, your mother. Happy Birthday.




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