Peace within the Mess

Slowly getting un-messy in our new living room. 
I am in the middle of setting up my new place with my boyfriend and everything is a MESS. We have been in several phases of a mess since we moved. Our life has been a mess for the last five months. There have been new jobs, long commutes, never ending search for a new home, a concussion and selling a condo. It feels like there a million things to get done and the list grows as days goes by. Thinking of all the unfinished things that need to get done really stresses me out and causes me anxiety and mucho frustration. I am tired of feeling this way.
So I am trying something new and want to find peace in all the things unfinished. I am surrender to this universe and accept all the incomplete and messy things around me. I am here with my mess and everything is right with this world. This is where I am and I honor it. My life will be full of messy and unfinished things until I die. It’s about time I accept it and move on.
This life is messy and I love it.

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