Not Feeling Sexy

So I’m 27 weeks unnamedpregnant and totally feeling it. By feeling it I mean there’s a huge estomago in front of me, I got no one to blame but myself because I didn’t lose my previous baby weight, so I’m just packing them pounds on like its nobodies business. 

 At this point I totally miss feeling sexy, and believe me my husband still wants to do the sexy stuff, lord bless him, but it takes me forever to get in the mood. I know this feeling will go away in a year or less but damn feeling sexy makes me feel so good especially when my husband sees it. I need help like seriously I need a nutritionist, chef, and a trainer. I wish they came in a package once you get pregnant so they can keep you healthy and fit as possible, how could I make this happen??? Or just win the lottery and have all three living with me at all times, first I gotta start playing the damn lotto.

 I am blessed to have another great pregnancy so far, don’t want to jinx anything. But as a woman I feel we are more conscious of our bodies, the way it looks and all, and being pregnant only makes us way more self conscious due to the weight gain, bless those woman who don’t give a fuck, please hand some of that over! I know the ball is in my court and I gotta do something about it but my motivation is at zero right now, all I want to do is eat and sleep. Things gotta change now or it’s only going to get harder once baby is here. This might sound weird but maybe I can just fake being sexy for now until I make it, that motto has actually worked for me in the past, it just might do. 

 Project sexy will soon be up and running, just gotta move in to my new place, which is going down this weekend. Lord help me! But I swear once I’m in my new place things will change…. I hope, I mean it will! Give me strength y’all. Stay Sexy My Friends. –  Nene


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