What I Want for My 30s


What I want for my 30s

I want to be content with where I am and who I am. I keep telling myself that once I have this or once I have that, then I will be happy. That is not the case. I told myself that once I moved closer to “home” and away from the big city, I would be happier. Six months later, it has not been that simple. I remember telling myself that once I had a boyfriend, I would be happier. Well as you all may know, relationships aren’t unicorns and cake. I do not want to undermine all the great benefits and happy times I have had since I met my boyfriend or since I moved closer to home, but no “Crazy Happy” switch went on when these things happened. Nor did I do a good job predicting the challenges that come with being in a relationship or the cons to moving back home.

My most current misconceptions are that once I am married and a mother, I will be happier. That is a real dangerous one. I do not want to bring a child to this universe just to make me happier. I also keep telling myself that once I find a meaningful job, I will feel complete. I want to feel complete now and I understand that is all mindset. And I do not want to get married and have children until I feel content and at peace with my life and myself no matter the job or relationship status.

I want to accept myself and love myself unconditionally while embracing my life as it is. At all times.

I am on a fucking journey. It will be called My 30s.

Happy Birthday to me!


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