New Year Resolutions

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Happy New Year amigos! May 2017 be more exciting since 2016 was one of my draining and laziest years of my life. My apologies to my daughter, I swear Lenny Mommy is not this boring. So let’s get to it, New Year Resolutions!!! Yes mine is probably the most fucken popular resolution for every year, losing weight. I personally feel like I need this resolution, not only cause I want to look great but because my weight is affecting everything about me. From my physical to my emotional side.

I’m the biggest i’ve ever been and i’m not happy. I didnt take control of my health like i should have nor did I try. On this pregnancy, I have been too tired to focus on myself. Honestly i feel that my weight takes a toll on how I parent. Being tired all day, forcing myself to step out of the house, and eating like crap all has to do with the way i’m feeling about myself which i know is affecting my daughter in someway.

I know people say losing weight doesn’t solve everything and I don’t expect it to but when i lost major weight 2.5 years ago, i was the happiest and healthiest i’ve ever been in my life. I had all the control and it felt amazing. My confidence was honestly beaming. Not to toot my own horn but i looked damn good in a lot of things even not so cute clothing items. I was just so happy. I need that back, like yesterday. My baby is due in a month and i know you can’t work out for 6 weeks after giving birth, so i figured preparing myself now hopefully helps after i give birth. I said hopefully.

How i plan to prepare myself during the next 4 weeks: learning to meal prep, sleeping earlier, and doing some minor yoga. This might not sound like so much but it’s better than what i’ve been doing, which is nothing. I’ll keep you peeps updated and tell you the ugly truth about it all. Wish me luck bitches! And cheers to 2017 cause even Trump can’t kill my vibe.




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