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 I’m alive!!! So I went in for my postpartum appointment ready to get my birth control cause this girl can’t do this again anytime soon. I couldn’t decide between the IUD or the Implant, heard some bad shit about the IUD, then someone close to me got it and said she was fine with it. Ultimately I went with the IUD (Mirena to be exact), my OBGYN really recommended it. She said I was a bit open since I just pushed out a being it wouldn’t be as uncomfortable to get. I didn’t read on how the procedure went for other women since my doctor made it sound like it wouldn’t hurt. So I recorded how my first week went, here it goes:

 MONDAY (Day of IUD insert): Thinking to myself, way to start a Monday. As I’m leaving to my appointment my mom says ‘make sure they put cement up there! (In Spanish of course), Thanks mom. My OBGYN was right it didn’t hurt in my case, the only thing that was uncomfortable was the spreader thing that kept my vagina open for the procedure. Came home later and used the restroom after a full bladder and something felt funny and hurt a little, felt like I could feel the IUD. I started to worry so of course I go to the one source I truly trust… Google. Read how this tends to happen if you had a full bladder and many suggested to feel the string to see if it was in place, I said I ain’t ready for that, if the pain gets bad I’ll just go to the doctors. The bleeding wasn’t bad… the first day.

 TUESDAY: I really need to pee more often, waiting until my bladder is super full isn’t helping. Still bleeding a bit.

 WEDNESDAY: Had the biggest discomfort today, maybe it had to do with carrying my 18 months old most of the day. Bleeding is still happening.

 THURSDAY: Wait am I still suppose to be bleeding…

 FRIDAY: Looks like I’m going to need more pads.

 SATURDAY: How am I suppose to have sex if I’m still bleeding!

 SUNDAY: Yup this must be my period,… it’s back:(

 MONDAY: Don’t like that it’s Monday and I’m bleeding but I haven’t felt a thing of discomfort from my IUD. This thing better work!


2 under 2

 So I’ve done it! I just welcomed my second baby in February, still don’t know what I was thinking but I’m feeling blessed. It was a total different labor experience from my first except it was still vaginally, but he’s here and I couldn’t be happier. 

 As for my daughter who will soon be 18 months! (Tears, she’s getting so big) She totally loves on him but only for a certain amount of time. Her tantrums have gotten a bit worse but I’m sure it’s due to all the change or it’s what 18 mos old acts like. I’m blessed to have my mother and a sister watching over her since I’m not suppose to be carrying her the first month (I bend the rules here and there). 

 I’m tired but sane, having people helping is what’s keeping me sane (made this mistake with my first). I’m nervous to experience what it will be like doing this on my own but I’m sure I’ll be fine….right? Two kids under two, yup sounds crazy but it’s doable…? It really gives me anxiety just thinking about it… How do people do it with more than one kid?!?!? Magic??? Alcohol??? Yoga???

 I guess the only thing I can really do is what I was advised to tell myself, ‘this is only temporary’, I’m going to have to repeat that to myself a million times a day. Ok so here’s to my new adventure, wish me luck! If you don’t hear from me next week I didn’t make it..


Ser Mujer..

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…is not easy. I’m reminded of this everyday. Even though I know anything I put my mind and heart into I can do it, but why must society still paint us a certain way.

I know we were built differently then men but I believe that was the point. In order to create a human a woman and man must have sex (that doesn’t apply nowadays thanks to science;) I think reproduction was both of our main purpose. All the feelings and emotions were the extra that came with us. So then why are men seen more superior, I seriously don’t fucken know. Someone please answer this for me, did religion start this???

I remember clearly seeing the face of my husband and mom when we were about to find out the sex of my first baby. When the lady announced it was a girl, my husband and moms face were like ‘what??? No…’ It pissed me off, still that reaction is disappointing til this day. I wanted a girl because I’m surrounded by strong, crazy, beautiful, and smart women in my life that I wanted to add 1, 2, or 3 to our tribe. I asked my mom why her reaction was the one she gave, of course at first she denied it but later after asking and asking and asking her (uuuu she wanted to hit me,hahaha) she finally answered, “Women suffer the most.” I understood where that came from, my mom has gone through some tough times but I was quick to remind her how strong she is and how strong her daughters are cause of it. She of course stood by her answer, being the hard headed Mexican woman she is (love you Mami). I reassured her that I will show, teach and tell her granddaughter everything it is to be a woman in this world, sucks that yeah some things aren’t great but most things will be challenging and beautiful which will make you the woman you are to become.

I will tell and show my daughter that it’s ok to dream, cry, scream, laugh as loud as you want. She can accomplish any fucken thing she dedicates herself to. Or love whoever her heart wants to love. She’s a woman with a mind, just like a man, and no one can tell her how to use it. Now that’s powerful.

I’m hoping for this equality shit between women and men to better by the time my daughter and children start realizing this type of stuff. But for now we all must have smart conversations about this subject everywhere and do what we need to do to see it change for the better. I know the president we have right now doesn’t help any of this but he just gives us more reason to demand what’s right for all, especially women.

In the famous words of Queen B, “Who run the world? GIRLS!” Keep on trucking girls!