Church Hunting Begins

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I did not know churches could be so cute. Not my church tho. So I went to church and I liked it.

So I went to church and I liked it.

There were moments when the pastor was totally speaking my language and we were vibing and then there were moments where I was like…nah, I don’t think so. But overall, I enjoyed that hour and a half where we dedicated time and space for thoughts on how to serve the world and myself. It wasn’t all easy. I did not know what kind of service we were attending until we got to the front of the church and we realized it was Baptist. I hesitated and questioned my entire notion of attending a service. My boyfriend was by my side and simply asked, “Are you going to look back and be happy you tried this today?” I thought yes and we walked in. Good boyfriend.

 I come from a Catholicism upbringing where I dreaded going to Church and being read to straight out of the bible. I want to give this church thing another try but I want to do it my way. I have never been a steady church goer and now that I am older and now what I like (half of the time at least), I want to give this church thing another try. But this time, I am going to do it my way. I am visiting churches by order of proximity to my home no matter what religion it is. I am looking for a pastor/priest and community where I feel connected and understood.

I am on a hunt and I hope to come up on a sweet service with a kind community.