Crawling out of the Darkness


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See you never, 2016.

I hear everyone saying that 2016 was the worst. Coincidentally, it was a tough year for me and it was not just because of the elections. However, the elections was some pretty disgusting icing on a cake straight out of the Trunchbull’s oven (read the book Matilda). This year was full of moves, new jobs, dealing with some painful family issues and relationship trouble. I was in the thick of it for about six months and I never want to be there again. But I know really important lessons come from pain and I need to look at 2016 as a teacher.

So what did I learn?

  • I do not have control over a lot of things. Like all external things. It is not my responsibility to fix everything and it’s okay. Focus on me and my inner calm.
  • Connecting with friends is so important for my own mental health.
  • Writing and journaling are my healers.
  • Worrying did not help any.
  • Kind people are the best!
  • Doing something different, something new, will help you.
  • Plan more next time when a transition is heading your way. You need it and deserve it.
  • Give yourself the time to transition and rest.
  • Sister are angels.

What did I accomplish?

  • I moved closer to family and I see my sisters more often
  • I journal more
  • I read more books
  • I am earning the highest income ever and saving roughly 50% of my income.
  • I found a job with coworkers I like
  • I started a blog with my sisters
  • I have a new and lovely home.

What do I want for 2017? I am still designing my master plan for this year but I am really excited and optimistic and unicorns and rainbows are involved. Yes, that excited.


My Future

I’ve been seeing my future a lot lately. It’s such a comforting beautiful thought. I see my husband, my children, our dream home and our careers all blossoming.

What I’m not thinking about is all the hard work were gonna have to put in in order to reach our dreams. Thinking about that just ruins everything, hahaha.

I see holidays spent at my country chic home with bolillo and Abuelita hot chocolate every morning during the holiday season, who am I kidding I see that happening everyday;) My children running across the property with our 2 or maybe 4 dogs. I see my mom every morning, cause she’ll be living in my guess home:) My sisters and I cooking and baking in my beautiful kitchen stuffing our faces, then heading over to my big comfy couches cuddling watching reality TV and cat napping:)

Yep my future is pretty perfect. For now I’ll just enjoy what I have, cause it’s pretty damn close to my perfect future. -Nene