Ser Mujer..

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…is not easy. I’m reminded of this everyday. Even though I know anything I put my mind and heart into I can do it, but why must society still paint us a certain way.

I know we were built differently then men but I believe that was the point. In order to create a human a woman and man must have sex (that doesn’t apply nowadays thanks to science;) I think reproduction was both of our main purpose. All the feelings and emotions were the extra that came with us. So then why are men seen more superior, I seriously don’t fucken know. Someone please answer this for me, did religion start this???

I remember clearly seeing the face of my husband and mom when we were about to find out the sex of my first baby. When the lady announced it was a girl, my husband and moms face were like ‘what??? No…’ It pissed me off, still that reaction is disappointing til this day. I wanted a girl because I’m surrounded by strong, crazy, beautiful, and smart women in my life that I wanted to add 1, 2, or 3 to our tribe. I asked my mom why her reaction was the one she gave, of course at first she denied it but later after asking and asking and asking her (uuuu she wanted to hit me,hahaha) she finally answered, “Women suffer the most.” I understood where that came from, my mom has gone through some tough times but I was quick to remind her how strong she is and how strong her daughters are cause of it. She of course stood by her answer, being the hard headed Mexican woman she is (love you Mami). I reassured her that I will show, teach and tell her granddaughter everything it is to be a woman in this world, sucks that yeah some things aren’t great but most things will be challenging and beautiful which will make you the woman you are to become.

I will tell and show my daughter that it’s ok to dream, cry, scream, laugh as loud as you want. She can accomplish any fucken thing she dedicates herself to. Or love whoever her heart wants to love. She’s a woman with a mind, just like a man, and no one can tell her how to use it. Now that’s powerful.

I’m hoping for this equality shit between women and men to better by the time my daughter and children start realizing this type of stuff. But for now we all must have smart conversations about this subject everywhere and do what we need to do to see it change for the better. I know the president we have right now doesn’t help any of this but he just gives us more reason to demand what’s right for all, especially women.

In the famous words of Queen B, “Who run the world? GIRLS!” Keep on trucking girls!